Posted by: fireweaver | June 11, 2008


not to be all premature about it (there are, of course, several days left for annoyance to rear its unwanted head), but this week is turning out to be a distinct 180 from last.

surgeries went *very* well this week. same exact procedures as last week, but time was cut in half and complications were down to zero.

temporary fake tooth re-attached, and fits/feels *much* better than that original quick cram in the dark (man, that makes it sound like it was a fun experience. not so much).

insurance peeps for the dump truck are thusfar being ever so nice about things on the phone. hooray, the car can get fixed! currently, it looks like i got drunk and leaned against a pointy-ish guard rail on the driver’s side, and the lack of a side-view mirror is just awful. hmmm, wonder what i’ll end up with for the rental?

and so, since things are generally ok and i haven’t done one in a while, here’s your random food review:

i was perusing sam’s last weekend for the ginormous 2+Lb bags of itty-bitty sweet bell peppers, and lo! there was a new cheese in the case. ilchester‘s “wensleydale with golden fruits & amaretto” (oddly, that one isn’t on their website), which let me tell you guys is amazing. a very mild crumbly white cheese, no bitterness or “animalic” flavors at all, for those of you that avoid such things. it’s studded all over with golden raisins, apricots, maybe some mango bits in there too, and then somehow impregnated with delicious amaretto flavor. for a cheese, it’s very sweet, so attempts to pair this with any wines but dessert ones would not be a harmonious or enjoyable plan. breakfast, though, is where this stuff just shines, especially in the production of killer cheese toast. i haven’t the slightest where else you’d find it, and sam’s does have this odd/annoying habit of carrying wonderful things exactly once (so i haven’t the slightest where **i’ll** be finding it in the future), but snap some up if you do.



  1. I’m glad to hear that things are looking up. Here’s hoping they stay that way!

    And that does sound like a mighty tasty cheese. I hope that it’s not a one-time offering!

    There was this cheese I got at Whole Foods a few years ago that I keep looking for, but haven’t seen since. I can’t remember what kind it was, it was something akin to cheddar, but with thick dark porter veins running all the way through it, making it look like marble. And it was sooooo good. (Oh, I just googled. Maybe it was this.)

  2. alejna, that’s totally it, but there’s no specific patent on that type of cheese. there are indeed several different manufacturers (some in the US, a couple from the UK) that do beer-marbled cheese. there is one that uses brand-name guiness to the same effect – dark beery marbling in between paler yellow cheese. chimay, a belgain ale maker, has several ale-cheeses, though iirc none are marbled.

    fear not, whole foods doesn’t have the market cornered on high-end cheese. if there’s a wegman’s or a trader joe’s in your area, those guys usually have a very nice cheese counter as well. also ask around at local wine stores, since someone there can usually point you towards a good specialty cheese store.

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