Posted by: fireweaver | June 21, 2008

other than that, it worked out pretty well

today was all about loafing.  after getting up to do the standard am routine (dog, teeth, bathroom, etc), i crawled right back into bed with a comfortingly trashy novel and promptly devoured the whole thing in one sitting.  there was even leftover cheesecake from the factory to nibble on.  i **never** eat in bed, so it was ever so decadent.  my thermostat is kinda busted up here, so it fails to read the correct temperature on occasion, meaning that it was briskly chilly around the house, but extra warm & comfy in bed.  i was supposed to go to a wine tasting with a friend, but she never called for the final version of the plan, and i found myself not caring too much.  i feel quite a bit rejuvenated from my run-down-blahs of the past week+, so i guess i just needed to shut myself off from the world for a while.

other than floating around on the internet (Chris has me all excited about fancy new cellphones, so i was watching review videos & reading tech specs on a lot of crap that i probably don’t need but will enjoy nonetheless), my only contact with the outside world was a phone call from the bf late afternoon.  today is his day off for the weekend, so one may wonder why he wasn’t curled up in bed there with me (and by “one” i mean “i”), especially considering that our conflicting work schedules are quite disparate enough to glitch up my sanity.  well, crew, it turns out that his whole family is in town this weekend.  yep, sis drove down with her husband from NYC, and dad randomly flew in from korea (that’s a long story, but there you go), and they were planning on going out to dinner or something to celebrate the ‘rents’ anniversary a while back.  he told me  last night that there were some tentative plans that would keep him away for dinnertime, but that we might catch a couple hours of cellphone-shopping time this afternoon.  Chris is, unfortunately, one of those people for whom “maybe pretty much always means no,” as the man says, so i wasn’t particularly expecting much out of him this afternoon.  and while i don’t want to butt in on a big formal dinner celebration thing, i couldn’t even if i did want to.  see, i’ve never actually met anyone in his family.  sis has been in town a handful of times since we’ve been a thing, and so has dad, so there have been opportunities.  but mom?  lives right down the damn street in the next little suburban township over.  as in, when his car was all busted up post-deer-impaction and he was borrowing hers, i drove with him to her house to drop off the car one night.  we’ve been going out for a little over 8 months, and i’ve met exactly ONE friend of his (the guys he knows from his job, which he’s had for a month less than he’s had me, don’t count in this particular assessment) and that’s it.  the situation completely weirds me out.  i’m not saying i need to be bestest pals with his mom, calling her up for a girls’ shopping weekend while he’s stuck at work, but the current arrangement has me asking him periodically if he’s even mentioned to these people that he’s seeing some chick.  he keeps telling me it’s not me, it’s them, they’re all insane, he’s not comfortable with this intro just yet, but i’m calling shenanigans on that one.  he’s doing the kind of avoidance dance you’d work for if dad was a serial rapist or mom was a crack ho, not the wackily eccentric people he’s described for me.  i’m 100% sure it all has to do with some odd asian thing about familial introductions indicating all kinds of permanency/seriousness in the relationship (he confirms this has a lot to do with it), but come. on.  this feeling like i’m some secret chick stashed off away from his “other” or “real” life gets under my skin.

as he’s adiosing on our phone call this afternoon, he says, “well, gotta run, we’re leaving in a bit for the baseball game.”  wtf?  this is the formal anniversary dinner plans!?  i don’t like baseball in the least, and i would have declined, but this isn’t a stuffy family-only private affair that i’d be intruding on.  he’s sweet and respectful and loving and honest, all that jazz; i know he’s not that guy, the hostile or secretive or sneaky or misogynistic bastard, but still, it’s a wee kick in the teeth.


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