Posted by: fireweaver | June 26, 2008


Vivian has noted in the past that i have a near-OCD-level fixation when i end up on a little “kick” of some sort. i’ll obsess relentlessly over x or y or z, research that topic to pieces, be able to spout off its entire history, judge whether an example is of good quality or poor, and usually purchase a half-handful of specimens before the kick fades back into whatever mental black hole it crawled out of.

Chris and i were out with friends a couple of weeks ago, and as usually happens in a conversational lull, he busted out his phone to do a quick bomber-dive into email & CNN¹. i stole the phone from him to mess around on whatever internet stuff he had going, had a brief jealous flicker over the far superior internet access as opposed to my wee flip-phone, lamented his non-youtube-ability (i wanted to play some song for him that was stuck in my head at the time), and eventually said, “well, it’s cool and all, but it’s so…brick-y.”

“why not get yourself a new iphone?” he reasonably suggested. i quickly vetoed that plan², but the idea of abandoning my (admittedly fully functional) phone now that the contract is long-expired certainly had merit.  i told him that i’d need his help researching (boys like to feel useful, after all), since he likes that deep-digging stuff and i’ve picked my lifetime 2 cell phones based on the amazing feature of changeable faceplates.  a few days later, he suggested i look into the samsung instinct, and within hours, i was off on one of those obsessive kicks.  i’ve drunk in hours of reviews & blog rants & youtube run-downs on every model to catch my eye.  the instinct is extra-sexy and has this super easy voice-activated gps + city search function, but sprint’s plans are pretty damn pricey, and their coverage can be spotty.  the LG vu is conveniently already on at&t where i’m at, and reportedly has A+ call quality, but seems kinda like a runner-up to everything else.  just about the time i thought i’d started to figure this out, Chris emails me the announcement about the LG dare coming out next week – killer camera and funky-fresh interface, but ugh, i can’t figure out verizon’s price schemes at all.  and yes, i looked at the dismissed iphone, too, but that lack of picture-messaging and reportedly crappy call quality (i mean, hey, it is a phone after all) shuts that one down.

so, fun shopping times ahead.  maybe i’ll actually get around to peeling myself away from cnet & youtube and go actually play with some of these.


¹that man is news-obsessed. but at least he doesn’t take phone calls in the middle of dinner, that’s just rude.

²this is clearly an example of me being contrary just because i can.  i mean, my first and major “no” to the iphone was because i’m a unique snowflake, damnit, just like everyone else, and no matter how cool you tell me your ipod is, i stubbornly resist.  ha!  i say, ha!  i do not need your 99cent tunes, i have XM!



  1. Say “ha!” all you want, but my iPod is freakin’ cool. (And most of what I play on it isn’t from iTunes. Talk about obsessiveness…I spent many, many hours…days…weeks of my life ripping our entire CD collection so we could listen to them on the computer.)

    I have no insights into the phone business. I use my phone for occasional phone calls. That’s about it. (Of course, I lug my laptop around with me all the time.)

  2. […] in a research frenzy reminiscent of last year’s cell phone craziness, i’ve been oddly giddy about for a while now.  i mean, i LOVE my books and my huge […]

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