Posted by: fireweaver | July 7, 2008

monday food: reports of my death have been only slightly exaggerated

sometime last week, the july theme for nablopomo was announced as being “food”.  finally! i was thinking, this was one i could get behind and post away at daily for a month.  fate, who’s sad sad little bitch i am lately, had other ideas though.

when i left work last tuesday, i was headed home for a bit, then off to pick up my friend Michelle from the metro.  i’d gotten a call from her that morning saying ‘surprise! in town for a quick 2-day conference!’ so obviously we had to get together for drinks and dinner and dishing.  it was also the 1st of the month, so i figured a nice surprise dinner out with a gal-pal was a super kick-off to food-blogging-month to boot.  we ended up at an upscale italian place over by my office, had some martinis, nibbled at some bread, and were having a pretty good time.  by the time the meal showed up, however, the food became totally disinteresting to me.  i ate a couple of bites, enough to know what culinary masterpiece i was willfully missing out on, but was just emphatically not hungry.  i dropped my girl off at the metro and headed home, far more tired than a mere pair of cocktails would account for.  far more flushed, too; i had to turn off the a/c in the suddenly too-cold car.  when the joint aches were un-ignorable, i gave Chris a call to see how he was feeling.  “funny you should ask, because i feel like hell.  all tired and way achy.”

oh, joy of joys.  identical symptoms (well, near-identical, he never did spike the wicked fever i was running that night) and identical time-of-onset?  plus, we did indeed eat a meal together 48hours previous (cue death, all “it was the cream of crab soup!!”).  welcome to the acute toxin-induced stage of food poisoning, kiddos.

so, clearly, there will be no daily blogging on food, unless anyone wants to hear posts about how i managed to drink a whole vitaminwater™.  also, hence, where the blog’s been for the past week, cuz if i don’t even feel like eating, writing is way on down the list.  thank fsm i’m rebounding a bit – i was actually able to haul myself in to work today.  surely, interest in food consumption can’t be too far behind.


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