Posted by: fireweaver | July 9, 2008

more with the moving around

so hot on the heels of yesterday’s map, wherein i got to feel pretty smug about seeing most of the us, i got a video in my email about traveling that makes me feel just the opposite about how much i’ve seen:

so, that’s Matt, for anyone who’s missed his previous pair of touring-the-world-dancing-badly videos. he apparently works just about long enough to save up some cash, then jets off to all over the place, with the last 2 videos’ worth being funded by a chewing gum company (nice job if you can get it, eh?). every time i see one of these, i get all kinds of choked up (yes, i’m a big sap at heart sometimes) with just how amazing the world is. for about 5 minutes, i’m really ready to quit my job and roam the earth like caine. not so much ready to dance sans music in the streets – well, right up until the part where he’s the center of bollywood’s bestest – but get out of the office, fo-sho.

ok, us pretty well covered. it really is time to see the rest of the place.

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