Posted by: fireweaver | July 28, 2008


mom called sometime last week, since we hadn’t spoken in a while, and after telling me the news on her house fixer-upper project and her work and her friends and my sibs, asked me what i was up to lately. “hmmm, well, i go to work every day?” “that’s it?!” “uh, yeah, i guess so. just working.”

and really? that’s been just fine for a while now. after being sick for weeks – either in body or heart or both – it was nice to just be ordinary for a while to let me recover. i had my nails done with little white flowers & a rhinestone stuck on each big toe. i mowed the 2-foot high jungle grass of my lawn. i read a really bizarre-ass book that i still can’t determine if i liked, though boy-howdy has it sure stuck with me. i cleaned the house.  not much worth writing about, but relaxing nonetheless.

and i went to work. because, apparently, the crap-distribution fairy has moved on to someone else; namely my boss, the other vet in this building, who has a personal tragedy of her own to get through. i’m left holding down the fort solo in this building for the tail of last week and all of this week, and wow, i’m busy. it’s tiring and stressful, but the day does go by rather quickly, and i get to feel all useful, so it’s working out just fine.

meanwhile, the biggest fly under my saddle of the last couple of weeks has now finally gotten swatted. several months ago, i noticed a bloom of wedding invitations for this spring/summer, and was all excited that my tax refund windfall would allow me to travel to the pair of out-of-town events. well, way back at that time, i’d asked Chris to put in a word at work so he’d be free for those weekends, which included one in napa CA upcoming in 2 weeks. little did i know it was approaching crazy for me to expect that he could escape from the theater for 3 whole days during summer movie season. his boss kept putting him off with ‘well, other people might have vacation during that same time,’ or similar wishy-washy not-yes not-no non-answers. it even got to the point where, when i saw this jerk during the indiana jones sneak, i point-blank asked him (good lord it was a challenge to not get all hostile…must…be…nice…save his job…don’t make problem worse…grrr) what i had to do to get Chris for 2 little weekends in august. i got the same non-answers, and that was still 2 months before the dates in question. i’ve since given up on that 2nd weekend in august – a proposed trip to vegas with my austin peeps – since the one has been such an attempt to shove a ton-block up a steep mountainside. finally, i had an implosion a little over a week ago, after a very tired Chris had come home from a particularly exhausting day (batman has been a bitch to poor theater workers), where i railed that i was going to physically assault the jerk boss the next time i saw him. i mean, come on, if he can’t arrange the schedules of his managerial pool such that ONE of them can take a long weekend, with a 3+ month heads-up about it, the boob is clearly grossly incompetent. or hates me/my long-suffering sweetheart personally, or something.  this conversation eventually spawned a promise from jerk boss that they could have a “final meeting” about this request (JEEBUS F’ING CHRISTERSON!!!!!) early last week…which didn’t produce results until late saturday.

saturday was A+++.  i got to actually spend the entire day with my KFP (this is what all his minions call him, which cracks me up to no end), as opposed to the partial-days our mismatched schedules usually grant us.  after sleeping in gloriously late and making a lovely blueberry smoothie for brunch, we hopped in his car to go outlet mall shopping in VA.  as in, the shopping was his idea (he’s a far more advanced level of shoe-whore than i could ever even consider accomplishing).  after some clothes and 2 pairs of shoes each, we raced back home over the ferry & through the woods to get ready to go out for dinner.  it was Brian’s birthday this weekend, so a handful of us went to have a huge meat-fest at fogo de chao , which absolutely lives up to the delicious hype that has been piled on it.  somewhen along the drive up to baltimore, Chris finally heard from the theater crew that he was graciously allowed freedom for the weekend in question.  woohoo!  the earth has shifted, angels rejoice, the monty python flag guys wave their little animated banners saying, “yay.”  after dinner, we stopped in for a couple of hours to a party at one of Chris’ fellow manager’s place…and she had a near-identical story of an escape attempt (scheduled family event for a long weekend, 4 months notice, act of god to make jerk boss relent).  so clearly, my assault thingy is still in the works.

but now i get to plan a trip to napa!  with wine tastings!  fun times!

good lord, he needs a new job.


  1. Okay, this is uselessly nit-picky, but you’re such a good writer (and I mean that) that I can’t let it go. You’ve got your metaphors a tad mixed there, darlin’.

    You get a bur under your saddle, a fly in your ointment, and a bee in your bonnet.

    I’m not that great a writer, but I do pride myself on my editing skills. ;^)

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