Posted by: fireweaver | July 28, 2008

my koi sorta did that

ok, this is easily the most f’ing bizarre thing i’ve seen in days. maybe even months. not including the bret easton ellis book, which i didn’t actually **see** happen live/taped in front of me.

and that wacky stuff is right around the way, on the more south side burbs of DC. in fact, let’s check here…it’s a little less than an hour from my house.

now, back in my little house in college station, i had a very nice little fish pond. and when you stuck your feet in there, the koi and goldfish would indeed nibble at you a little bit, and it did indeed tickle a little bit. then they lost interest and went away unless you fed them, but then of course they were eating fish pellets and NOT YOUR FLESH. the curious and fish geek parts of me think this is a super thing to try out. the rest of me is still hung up on WTF?!?!?!?, so, prolly not. but still, weirdest thing in weeks, no?

that is, until i stumbled across several things that my koi patently did NOT ever attempt to do. today is just a ball full of surreality, and we are so very very amused.

second up was this news story (do check out the accompanying photos) about love at comicon. the tales that come back always indicate that this con is a very very bizarre-but-fun sort of thing, and i’ve certainly heard of fantasy weddings before, but this says to me, “i’m nerdier than standard nerds, cuz they’d do this all jedi, but we went that extra mile into obscurity to be nerdtacularly awesome.” well played, supreme nerds, well played.

and finally (though, of course, it could get even more odd, the day’s nowhere near over), amazon recommended a book on the philosophy of batman to me. “haven’t we done this before?” i thought, but then far more interestingly, “oh, wait, this is one of a series on philosophy + pop culture? hmmm, intriguing.” some of them sound kind of useless, but be sure to go check out the table of contents in the south park book. yes, serious philosophy essays on SP, e.g., “respect my authorita! is cartman “the law”, and even if he is, why should we obey him?”, “four-assed monkeys: genetics and gen-ethics in small-town colorado”, etc.

more lolz than ichc, even. huzzah!



  1. That was a fun assortment of stuff. I found the koi footage (hmm, unintentional pun) both disturbing and strangely compelling.

    And that Southpark book looks intriguing. The table of contentst is pretty entertaining. (Though that might be enough for me.)

    (I’m afraid I couldn’t follow the comicon links–they seem to be dead ends…)

  2. alrighty, news story now linked directly off reuters instead of yahoo, hopefully that fixes the lack of comicon hilarity, though i can’t find the pics elsewhere.

    and i’m going to have to see if the SP book is at the library, at least to skim the 4-assed section.

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