Posted by: fireweaver | August 4, 2008

killing is bad, m’kay?

in much the same head-shaking nonsensical wtf-ness as when anti-choice demonstrators went around a decade ago shooting abortion doctors (cuz, like, life is sacred.  so we’re gonna kill your ass.  get it?), once again the animal rights psychos choose to engage in intelligent discourse via violence.  this weekend, in california, one researcher had a firebomb go off on his front porch; another had her car blown up.  even if someone from the movement had anything rational or constructive to say about the debate, it kinda gets swallowed up by their buddies’ terrorist tactics, no?  and yes, i’m calling molotov cocktails on your front porch and car bombs official terrorist-style activities.  but, you know:

it’s junk like this, people, that make me so sure that the right thing to do is to stop hiding out in our scientific ivory towers.  these people getting bombed at?  not psychos barely hanging on to sanity, dreaming of blood & gore, laughing maniacal evil-dr-laughs, killing animals willy-nilly just for the joy of it, and i think it’s important for regular people in the regular public to understand that.  we are real people, with families and jobs, paying taxes, doing the same everyday stuff anyone else does.  and, you know, helping mankind out with vaccines & antibiotics & whatnot.  we’re not crazy, we’re not evil, we’re just working here on something we feel is important and worthwhile.  most of us are quite willing to discuss openly what’s going on and why it’s important…it can be tricky to describe complex terms to people who don’t have advanced degrees in the subject, which makes it easy for the listener to throw hands in the air and believe the easy oversimplifications, but we’ll try anyway, being as how it’s our life work and all.

but in the meantime, all you animal rights jerks stop being such assholes, cuz this kind of crap?  not exactly getting your rational, peace-loving, sanctity-of-all-life thing across too clearly.


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