Posted by: fireweaver | August 5, 2008

like the homeland, only bigger

back in h-town, every spring or summer (sad, but i’ve been away so long that i can’t remember what season it was in…), a swarm of flying lust would storm the city. there would be a swarm of very small black bugs with a little red band on their abdomens that would be locked in fiery butt-to-butt passion littering every available surface. you’d see the occasional sad singleton flying along, looking for his/her hookup, of course, but the conjoined copulators were what earned them the common name of “love bugs” (or, fuck bugs, if you were a crass little kiddo who thought cussing was funny. so, like, plenty of us).

i still have no idea what technical species those little guys were, but with their bright red belly band and cute little round-tipped black-barred clear wings, they were quite visually distinctive, even when not fused to a friend. and lo! this morning, i’ve discovered the equivalent for this zip code. i haven’t seen them before in the 5+ years i’ve been in this state, but here you go, the MD equivalent of love bugs:

yesterday morning while driving to work, one of these bright orange-and-black beetle-oid creatures landed on my windshield. he tenaciously hung on through the 40mph gales, only to fly off later at a stop light quite a bit away from his origin point. apparently, he was testing out the comfiness of my car, the way you’d test out a mattress at the store before you buy it. this morning, i was greeted by a host of these guys swarming over the roof & trunk of the car. 3 of them were obliviously enjoying the pleasures of each other’s company, and by the time i could get the camera, a 4th had joined up as well. they’re even more strikingly colored than the houston-area love bugs, and larger to boot (hey!! i thought everything was bigger in TX!!), and at least some of them enjoy the missionary position, though other stylistic preferences are available as well. here’s the arty, back-lit shot of the love to set the mood for hot summer nights, or misty summer mornings for everyone:



  1. Those aren’t fuck bugs, those are orgy bugs.

    Love bugs, btw, were march flies, and Wikipedia knows all:

  2. omg, yes, that’s them! i didn’t even think to look them up, because surely “lovebug” wasn’t their technical name… and oops, i was wrong, they’re red-thorax’d, not a spot on their tail/belly to be found.

    now i just have to fig out what those things on my car yesterday were…

  3. We have the same love bugs here in Florida that they had in Texas. They invaded a few months ago.

  4. has never done me wrong. It might take a little investigating on your part, but you can find almost anything there. That failing, you could always email or try looking there as well.

    Love the bugs.

  5. well, damn if that didn’t work out just super!

    apparently, i have some Calopteron

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