Posted by: fireweaver | August 7, 2008

cures for summer blahs

1. after several months of vague disappointment with what i’ve seen at the movies, we got around to seeing wall-e last night. and it’s extra cute and totally lovable, and should have it’s lil picture in the slang dictionary next to “feel good movie”. in a nutshell, they made me empathize with a cockroach. and i’m from the part of the world where these suckers are 5cm+ long and fly. at your face. and somehow, i want to hug the one in this movie all to pieces. that, people, is movie magic.

2. i’m busily packing for our long weekend in napa (which is to say, i shall be sleeping much on the plane, after not sleeping much tonight). it took me fo-evs to pick out a dress to wear for this, since i’d bought several of the things when faced with the flurry of weddings i’d be attending the past few months, but the reliably opinionated Chris helped me fig that out last night. and after deciding that i’m wearing pale minty green, i knew that i wanted light breezy springtime-y nails, thusly off to the salon this evening for my classy french mani/pedi. i’m totally in love with this place right down the street from me: they’re always super friendly, and it honestly doesn’t matter who you get since everyone does a fantastic job. and lo, i am cute (or at least my big toes are):

if this weekend is half as fun as i’m anticipating it being, well, wheeee!


  1. The toes are lovely. No fish were involved, though?

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. So you just flew to Cali, and I’m leaving tomorrow… funny how those things work out

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