Posted by: fireweaver | August 14, 2008

omg that’s hard!!

just so nobody’s head ever swells up (whether or not you’re a routine gamer), give this a whirl:


yes, it’s as deceptively simple as the instructions say. hold down the left mouse button to give your plane some gas (i.e., lift), let off to sink a bit. huge revs or drops end up much like they would if you were at the wheel of a racecar, which is to say, via crashes. go ahead, give that fat red cat-thing a test-drive. i couldn’t hit above 4 pathetic points in my first 5 games…clearly, my surgeon’s hands have failed me, no matter what smoothness they wrought at work today.

ETA: really, the broken-glass whump of the crash is rather…satisfying? challenging? f’ing addictive?? and does it qualify as pathetic when i’m here all fist-waving “&%^@ yeah!!!” when i finally broke 50?



  1. Well, I finally managed to score 1 point. By that point, though, I was laughing too hard to make much progress in my skills. (And really, I’m supposed to be doing work. Curses!)

  2. 8 points! Woohoo!

  3. (And no, I haven’t been playing this whole time. Not that I’ve been exactly working, either…)

  4. Hey, I did not mean for there to be a smiley face in that last comment. I use parentheses!

  5. yes, i’ve inadvertently smily’d myself when WP asserts its formatting.

    and that 50 i broke last night? total fluke, haven’t been able to replicate it. the heartbreaker is the people who’ve posted high scores in the mid-hundreds. sigh.

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