Posted by: fireweaver | August 24, 2008

little obsessions

so, i’m not in fact dead or avoiding the computer, i’m just once again hung up on some of those obsessive little kicks i go on periodically.

kick no.1: Vi lent me a large handful of books quite a while ago, and for every few i hand back to her, she has another few to give me. and girl only has maybe 3 of mine right now, so i’m on the piled-up side of the mountain here. the latest ones she handed off were pc & kristin cast’s “house of nightnovels, which i rapidly ate this week. they’re the story of a high schooler teen who ends up becoming a fledgling vampire; dark & evil vamp politics ensue over the background of standard h.s. clique politics. part of the quickness of the read was the breezy light young-adult voice these are written in, part is that it’s actually shaping up to be a good story. they start off way too chock-full of cartoonishly silly “teen speak”, and there’s a truly awful streak of puritanical guilt-driven attitudes about sexuality woven throughout (the main character spirals off on an interior monologue about how she’s a slut when she does no more than smooch a guy), but the story is quite good. sadly, they’ve only managed to cover the first 2 months of a 4 year high school program in 3 books, so this series could be in it for a loooooong haul. *especially* tedious given their tendency to end books on cliffhangers.

kick no.2: Chris gave me a little mp3 player many months ago, which i only got around to messing about with this week. the weather out has turned so nice in the afternoons (can the blazes of summer really be already past even though it’s just august??), it’s much more interesting to walk the neighborhood in the pm rather than do an exercise dvd or sprint along on the gazelle. and so, i finally opened up the package on that little player and started loading songs on it via win media player. which then opened my eyes to the world of messing with your e-music collection (“welcome to 2008,” says Chris). i’ve spent many an hour this week searching for old favorite songs and then finding the proper album art to go with them.

in other words, when i haven’t been at work, i’ve spent the whole past week being a big big nerd.

thusly, it seemed like a very good idea to get the hell out of the house and away from the non-tan of the monitor glow when Bruce called yesterday about a trip around the bay. sailing was lovely today, flawless clear skies and a stiff breeze that had us racing along, tipped over far enough that the 2nd rung of the guard wires was dipping in the waves (aka, “burying the 2nd rail”). on the trip home, however, i discovered that the left side of my neck and my left little pinna is all sunburnt to hell. sigh. back to the monitor glow for me.


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