Posted by: fireweaver | August 28, 2008

what, seriously?

i was waiting around on the sales guy to get done at a radio shack yesterday, and caught the last few seconds of a tv ad for mccain showing on the display of flat-panels across the room.  a smirking honey-blonde late 20s/early 30s woman winkingly informed us that ‘it’s ok to vote for mccain.  a lot of us democrats are doing it.’  since i can’t actually punch anyone’s face for stupidity while they’re on a tv screen, i restrained myself to just an eyeroll.  no, honey, it’s NOT ok, and hopefully NONE of them will be doing any such thing for the antichrist of misogyny (yeah, there’ve been worse in the modern era, sure, but he’s still awful).

‘you’re just voting with your vagina,’ was thrown around a lot at hillary supporters during her run.  and regardless of how you felt about the democratic race, chicks, NOW is the time you can honestly claim i’ll be voting with mine.  head on over to glassbooth, where you can rank the issues that are important to you in general, then pick how you feel about them in specific.  the site then tells you how similar each candidate is to your positions on the issues, and gives you a documented breakdown of their past voting records and public statements about such things.  on the set of issues labeled “abortion and birth control,” mccain agrees with me a mere 6% of the time.  to wit:

“I do not support Roe versus Wade. It should be overturned.”

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain’s campaign officials boast he has “consistently voted against taxpayer-funded contraception programs.”

which is to say, he’s an embodiment of that most annoying of republican contradictions:  won’t support contraception…but won’t let those who’s practical education he’s blocked choose to end the consequences of that misinformation.

if the gung-ho attitude about wiretapping & domestic surveilance wasn’t enough to creep you out about this guy, the plan for the coming theocracy definitely should.



  1. Mine was like 64% Barack 58ish McCain. My strong capitalist streak and hatred of gun control laws always fight with my desire not to become property (and belief that I’m a human being that should possess rights) because of uterus possession always makes my politics fun.

  2. Not to mention his new VP pick wants to teach creationism in school instead of evolution.

  3. awww, Suz, then the palin pick certainly didn’t make that choice for you: lifetime NRA member + psycho anti-choice abstinence-only proponent = no help at all.

    and Christine, there’s hundreds of reasons to avoid the repub ticket this year, the womens’ rights issues are just the ones that make me *mad*. creationism crap merely confuses me, since i honestly can’t fathom why anyone would actively dis-believe clear science to that level of self-delusion.

  4. […] everyone considering voting gop for a percieved tax benefit, or to cover that 2nd ammendment freedom thing, here’s what you’re trading for it.  granted, shakesville is indeed a […]

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