Posted by: fireweaver | September 8, 2008

i see that your clothes match

i was perusing the available ricotta cheese (7 types!) at the grocery store tonight, in preparation for Chris’ killer mannicotti, when another woman’s shopping cart swung on past me by the yogurt section.  she had hip streaky blonde-on-brunette hair, and was wearing a tattoo-motif shirt by ed hardy.  you can tell it’s ed hardy’s shirt, since the dagger’d heart has his name enblazoned across it on an old-school tatt style scroll.  the black tank top blended in to the black yoga pants, so it took me a second to realize that it was indeed separate pieces rather than an overly elaborate jumpsuit.  because, you see, it matched like it was one piece: ed’s name was proclaimed in cursive signature across the lower back hemline of the shirt, across the scroll on the midback of the shirt, on the bottom right hemline of the pants, and yes of course, in 4″ tall letters across her ass.  i.e., repeated in no less than 4 places across the back half of her body.

i’ve seen the flashy bright primary color handbags at various stores before, and like any parrot have been drawn to them.  but, let’s face it, i’m pretty cheap, and i get bent out of shape at the idea of blowing $150 on a silk-screened canvas tote.  with all the over-the-top shameless name-brand promotion, i was about to lament that this must be the second coming of von dutch…until i perused the wiki and noted that the same bozo who was responsible for the gajillion-dollar gimme caps of a couple of years ago is likewise responsible for slapping this guy’s name in several locations on each individual item.

ok, seriously, who are these people that enjoy being walking billboards for someone else’s name?



  1. And to think, I’d never heard of Ed Hardy before… /saunters back to the land of happily ignorant

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