Posted by: fireweaver | September 9, 2008

fine, @$#% it, i’m a democrat.

for this year, anyway.

once upon a time in high school, we had a very very good history teacher that challenged us all to think outside the lines that had been drawn for us.  “when someone asks if you’re a republican or a democrat, a liberal or a conservative,” he said, “the answer should always be ‘well, what’s the issue?’  it’s ok to think for yourselves as to what make the most sense on each individual question and not buy into the total party line.”  it’s a very good idea, and was a totally novel one at the time, and yet may have contributed in some way to my youthful buy-in of the oft-repeated theory that both parties are really the same wool-cloaked wolves.

i’ve claimed an independence of political affiliation for years.  my voter registration card (note to self, find that damn thing ASAP) even says so.  i’m philosophically a liberterian (NB: not at all the same thing as political affiliation “libertarian”), which is in some ways left of left and simultaneously right of right, so i’m not warm & fuzzy to either of our established political positions.

this election, however, straight-up scares me shitless.  sure, for a day or two, it was all, “lol, mccain made an ill-informed boo-boo there, haha,” but now the obvious fact is that the lipsticked pit bull knows how to read a teleprompter.  her position statements are batshit crazy, fo-sho, but she sounds bs-free and empassioned when she talks about them, and people love that.  has anyone even heard a damn thing about the dems since she was announced?  the poll results have switched, and while post-convention surveys are ever so inaccurate, the impending nightmare is still a possibility.  Chris says australia gives tax breaks & incentives to highly skilled sciencey peeps…  and the traditional post-election defection to canada is insane given their winter climate…

for everyone considering voting gop for a percieved tax benefit, or to cover that 2nd ammendment freedom thing, here’s what you’re trading for it.  granted, shakesville is indeed a liberal leftist feminist sort of commentary (yeah, well, that could be why i like some of them quite a bit), but they’re not exactly pulling ultra-brief elipses-spliced one liners from the 08 republican platform.  as i was rambling at Chris in the evening, the gop has always been more of a ‘frown of tacit disapproval’ sort of bunch at the liberal antics of the dems…but in this document, it’s very open black & white written documentation of the insanity.  straight up announces an intention to a)repeal roe v. wade, b)appoint judges to make sure the repeal sticks, c)add a constitutional ammendment banning gay marriage, d)give the finger to both the UN and the ICC.  i still can’t agree with the dem’s economic platform, but at this point, it’s really a huge case of avoiding the jeebus-dictated chastity belt, so, fine, i’m in whole-hog.



  1. Damn, chica! You been readin’ my mind! I’ve always been right on the econ. and left on social stuff, and well… this time I’m sceered o’ the GOP. McCain “says” he’s a maverick, but he supposedly wanted Ridge or Lieberman for veep. Then the party big-wigs said “no way, no how” and he picked the hockey mom. Just b/c the other two are pro-choice. Me thinks there are bigger issues in this country! Sign me up, too.

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