Posted by: fireweaver | September 10, 2008

time: it’s wastin’

you guys remember the nerdtacular time-vacuum of last year that is the free rice site?  answering vocab words correctly meant the site’s sponsor would donate a quantity of rice to portions of the world in need.  it’s like taking your SAT/GRE again, only with no pressure and an immediate gauge of how AWESOME a brain you have (it tells you what “level” your score is sitting on).  this shifting of the levels is what really makes it an epic time-killer, since it tells me my best vocab level is 50…so i have to spend a looong time trying to reclaim that 50 once i’ve fallen into the mid-40s.

well, now it’s free rice part deux, with more subjects to prove your nerdly awesomeness.  thusly, in addition to my kickass vocab wizardry, i can also bust out a level 8 in italian by muddling through on my high school latin skillz.  you’re going to slack off at work a bit today anyway, and at least you can say this slacking is for a good cause.


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