Posted by: fireweaver | September 25, 2008


i’ve been spending a lot of quality time with mr.Christopher of late, and somehow that has me ruminating on his odd little quirks.  i’m sure everyone has quirky bits about them, and i’m just as sure that the things you find cute and silly about someone you love are the same things that drive you insane when the bloom is off the rose.  but for now, all his silliness is still charming, and i luv the lug.

Chris has a theory that says that the key to long-term relational happiness is separate bathrooms.  after a year now, i’m inclined to agree.  he’s taken over my upstairs guest bathroom for his own use, which means that our individual collections of sink-encircling potions aren’t competing for counter space in my rather small master bath.  overall, it works out very well; if he, say, forgets to dust bits of beard fuzz off the counter after shaving, it’s ok, he’ll do it tomorrow, and either way it’s not coating MY stuff.

but i gotta say, this qualifies as weird:  he saves his dental floss.  no, not like in a collection of awesome flosses past (that would qualify as NOT-cute weird), just as in for recycling purposes.  the same guy that i have to remind to toss the huge chunks of plastic emptied drink bottles into the recycling bin does the opposite with these teeny threads of plastic.  “his” bathroom is still in my house, after all, so i do go in there periodically when i’m cleaning the house, or when it’s just the toilet closest to the computer room.  and occasionally, i’m greeted by a little waxy plasticy white thread dangling on the rack with the hand towel.  he keeps a case of floss in his car’s glove compartment, too, and i’ve likewise on occasion discovered waxy plasticky blue threads tucked behind a corner of the driver’s side visor.  he claims ‘it’s not like they’re used up or anything,’ i claim it’s akin to toilet paper – use once & dispose.

thusly, my counter-quirk: i toss them out as soon as i find them.  so far, we both find this hilarious, like we’re playing a game of dental floss keep-away.  love is bizarre, isn’t it?



  1. I’m sorry, but EWWWWWWWW.

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