Posted by: fireweaver | October 2, 2008

slips of the tongue

my buddy Bruce says he’s not going to vote in the upcoming election because “they’re both the same jerks.”  and, yeah, given enough of the tug of war between face-time nicey-nice vs mudslinging, you can understand some of that viewpoint.  but, lo, i have figured out the defining point, for anyone else who was confused on these things.  if you can’t figure out the fundamental differences on any of that silly stuff, like womens’ rights or foreign wars or whatever, here’s the one key and important factor:


i know we all used to savagely mock dubya every time that would leave his lips, like some bizarro remnant of my small-town TX upbringing come back as a national-level silliness.  tee hee hee, the prez can’t say that word (and fine, i can’t say “proliferate” without concentrating).  but somewhere along the line, it’s become a republican obligation to keep screwing it up in the same fashion, like the mispronunciation is standing in for “staying the course” for the whole mismanagement of the WMD thing.  i heard it escape mccain’s lips last week, and i heard it fly on out of palin’s mouth tonight.  like it’s supposed to be an in-joke, perhaps along the lines of “oh, see, i’m not some insider egghead, i can’t even say nukular right, huh huh.”

so, stupid = likable/trustworthy?  crap.

also, does anyone else get dana carvey as bush sr. flashbacks every time palin speaks?  she busts out with that “down home folksy” shtick, saying nothing but approved talking points, and all i hear is “wouldn’t be prudent.  thousand points uh laaaaght.”



  1. I read a depressing op-ed piece that makes total sense. I don’t care that she’s an anti-feminist “feminist” I don’t care that she has no experience. I care that she’s anti-choice, pro-evolution, etc and a TOTAL MORON. I don’t understand why anyone could vote for someone so stupid (admit it, even Georgie Porgie isn’t that bad)

    Now the op-ed piece said something brilliant. In that, because she’s a moron, she appeals to the “everyman” moron of the country, which would be the millions of idiots I spend my time avoiding (so, what? 99% of the pop?). So she’s “comfortable” because she’s stupid, and so many other people are stupid, they will feel OK voting for someone “just like them” instead of, you know, someone qualified (qualified = “smart” and ergo = “elite” and “scary” for many).

  2. I almost fell over when she said ‘nucular’ last night. Seriously. I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one to notice.

  3. Suz, that’s EXACTLY what i’m ranting on, that her whole appeal is yet another in the line of “middle-america” anti-intellectualism. apparently, “the everyman” didn’t leave behind the mistrust or whatnot on the elementary school playground. i would really have liked to get past that ‘i’m uncool cuz i’m a nerd + good girls are non-threateningly minimally intelligent’ junk looooong ago.

  4. ‘Kay… so Palin does scare me. And I’m not happy w/ my choices for the Exec. branch, though I’m decided on Obama. But, please don’t kill me… my poor little mid-western brain some times slips and says “nukuler”. I know it’s not the “proper” pronunciation, but damn W. ta hell for making it the litmus for stupidity! It’s just something some of us from time to time…and I’m not gonna be ashamed anymore 😉

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