Posted by: fireweaver | October 14, 2008

back on track

this here train has been derailed for far too long.  time to, as the kids say, cowgirl up and all that.

item one: a former coworker heads in periodically to a very ritzy nearby salon once a month or so to get her eyelashes & eyebrows tinted 3 shades darker each.  naturally a brunette (she claims to have more than the occasional greying thread, but if so, her dyeist is amazingly smooth), her medium blond lashes/brows get lost against her skin, and her face looks brighter & more open with those little defining arcs.  i gave it a test-drive myself before Kara’s wedding last spring, lashes only, as i was too chicken to dramatically mess with the swath of my brows before heading out of town.  not the makeup wearer at all, since you’re going to sweat all that stuff right off in the heat of surgery lamps or the steamy jungle of the cagewash room, i’m now a huge fan of the eyelash dyeing thing.  my invisible blonde eyelashes are suddenly a subtly dramatic auburn-tinted sable, while avoiding any of the clumpy tammy faye-ishness that usually comes with me painting myself with mascara.  last time i was in there – bonus, for me anyway, is that all this lasts closer to 2 months – i took the plunge and had them do my brows a bit too.  the rusty gold was somewhere between my natural nonexistent color (kids in jr. high asked me if i’d shaved my brows off on purpose, har har) and my hair color, and looked every so natural & subtle.  this time, the brows are a good bit darker.  it’s grown on me quite quickly; behold my brooke shields:

brooke shields eyebrows

item two:  lo, it has been long since any kamikaze cooking went on here.  many were the days of old in which whatever already happened to be at the house was flung together to make dinner.  i wonder why i don’t do that anymore…  maybe i’m just lazier about cooking?  maybe i have my mental idea of what staples absolutely must be in the kitchen – and thusly the possibilities that can be made from them – all crystallized?  well, sunday night we had to hare off in that tradition of just winging it.  see, Vi & Justin had come down for an afternoon of shopping & cocktails that ended up at my house for dinner.  the ravioli were done and it was time to sauté some veggies and admix with pesto, etc, for the sauce.  but, oops, my trusty jar of pesto was unsalvageably moldy as all get out.  everybody says pesto is easy, and well, we needed to eat after all, so hey why not?  pine nuts, diced garlic, olive oil, white wine, oregano, thyme, and lots of fresh basil went into the mortar.  Justin ground determinedly while i managed the veggies, and everything worked out great in the end.  yum!

item three:  i accepted a good job offer froma new company this week, and i start monday.  changes are always unsettling, and more than a little scary; if your overall life goal is comfort & stability, how could change be anything but feather-ruffling?  but sometimes it’s just that time to rock out and hopefully upward, and so here i go.  things should go well, unless of course the red-wine residues in that mandatory pre-work drug test i took today are in some way alarming to the person(s) in charge.

item four:  so now that that is all taken care of, time to move on to the next burning question:  WTF to do for halloween??  i know this is way silly & girly in a way that i’m typically not (though, hell, see above re: eyelash dyeing), but i’ve always wanted to go in a couples costume.  not even necessarily with a romantic partner, a friend who was just as into getting dressed up as i am would be super, too, but hey Chris is game here.  current idea is a crab & a bayman (ok, baywoman, since he got all excited about being a crab), but we’re still in the design phase.  any clever ideas?



  1. 1. The brows look great.

    2. I don’t really throw things together anymore, either. I’m in a food prep rut. (My CSA subscription of last year pulled me out of the rut for a bit, but only while the veggies lasted.)

    3. Congrats and good luck!

    4. Oooo. I love costumes, and think the idea of coordinated ones sounds fun. Crab & bayman sounds cool, but I’m not sure I could identify a bayman. Is that a Maryland thing?

    Phoebe says she wants to be a bunny, so I’m thinking the baby will be a carrot. I suppose if I wanted to run further with that, I’d be Elmer Fudd or something, but I think my own costume will be unrelated. I also considered turtle for Theo, for tortoise and hare effect, but carrot will be easier to construct.

    As for other pairs…salt and pepper shakers would be fun to do. Bee and flower would be cool, but might be too cutesie. Spider & fly could work. McCain & Palin would be scary, but probably all the rage.

  2. thanks, Alejna! the “not identifying a bayman” part is my main hesitation too – apparently not so much an MD thing, as several peeps around here (including Chris) didn’t get what i was talking about right away. i think i picked up the word from billy joel’s “downeaster alexa”, which is an awesome song, btw. anyhoo, i’m just meaning the person who, you know, fishes & sets crab traps & whatnot. i’d be in rolled-up pants & a grubby flannel & gimme cap with an old bay label on the front, carrying a wicker or metal mesh crab cage containing a plastic crab & a canister of old bay.

    which is of course, the other problem with this costuming idea, that HE gets to wear the cool costume!

  3. […] weeks ago, i was debating like mad what i was going to do about this year’s costumery.  wanting to go in a couples’ pair, […]

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