Posted by: fireweaver | October 15, 2008

more with the dressing up

every year i say it, so i’m sure i’ll keep rolling my eyes into the back of my skull next year, but still, here goes.

fine, i’ve seen everything now.  k-razy!

for the past good long while now, halloween costumes for chicks have tended towards the revealing.  sure, sure, slutty nurse & slutty french maid costumes have been there “for bedroom dress-up, wink!” in the frederick’s of hollywood catalog for decades, but in the last handful of years they’ve been routinely on the street at the end of october.  generally joined by slutty schoolgirl (ok, guilty of that m’self once), slutty witch, and slutty policewoman.  and annually, i’m amazed by what they’ve newly sluttified.  behold, slutty spongebob:

note, of course, his eyes placed just so on her hooters, huh huh huh.  even for all the purported stoner love it gets, this is a kids’ show, right?  having nothing to do with slutty velour schoolgirl skirts?

perhaps even more mystifying is slutty freddy krueger:

what, are women more scary with no pants on??



  1. I think the scariest part of Ms. Krueger there is that she seems to be into self-mutilation. After all, wearing the Freddie Sweater and knife-hands and terrorizing the little ones is one thing, attacking yourself is quite another.

  2. oh, i know! freddy’s always had a kinda grubby sweater, there, but google images did not reveal any self-mutilation on HIS part.

  3. We were having this exact conversation at work two days ago. I was disturbed when I saw a pic of “Slutty Girl Scout”. It just seemed wrong on so many levels.

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