Posted by: fireweaver | October 19, 2008

hyping france

Chris & i have been seeing each other for a bit over a year now, and for as long as we’ve both known of our mutual foodie inclinations (which is to say, a bit over a year now), he’s been promising an outing to his favorite restaurant, La Bergerie.  he was attempting to plan a surprise party at home for saturday night (he’s so cute!!), but most everyone was out of town or studying for PhD orals, so we ended up going out to eat with Steve & Di instead.

i’m wholeheartedly not sorry that everyone was out of town.

we had the kind of meal where everyone was trading bites across the table, because there wasn’t anything you could be ok with missing.  they make caesar salad tableside (that & the soufflés were Chris’ declared “must experience” dishes), with all the ingredients for the dressing being prepared fresh – as in yes, the anchovies & raw egg yolk blended together before your eyes.  special highlights were the amazing lobster crepe appetizer and the epic white châteauneuf du pape and red côtes du rhone.  i didn’t bother to memorize the wine names (Di did a brilliant job selecting bottles for the table, so somebody saw the names, anyway) since they’re way outside my regular price range, but they were both delicious.

i’m sure everyone has a list of places to take out of town visitors when you’re feeling fancy.  all of my high-end selections happen to have killer wine lists, because a girl’s got to have priorities.  at one point when i was in b’more, it would have been pazo, but i’ve heard they’ve changed hands & style, and a huge part of the charm there was the deliberating over a tableful of tapas.  more recently, iron bridge at the halfway point between b’more and the dc ‘burbs has been the go-to casual/fancy spot, with the big bonus that the kitchen is still in full swing late friday & saturday nights.  i’m thinking we have a new A+ place on hand for when one feels like dressing up and spending money like we’re not in an economic crisis.

get some plane tix & start saving up, ya’ll.


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