Posted by: fireweaver | October 20, 2008

the comedy of errors

do you ever have those days where you’re sure that this is being filmed, and depending on the soundtrack cues, it’s either a bittersweet tragedy or a waa-waa-waaaaaa comedy?

this was one of those days.  my first day at the new job, no less.

it even started for me last night: after coming home from running errands & checking out the new cirque du soleil movie (not that great, actually, it was mostly singing & not enough doing), i was sitting down to a couple of rounds of computer games and noticed my toes were mighty chilly.  since the weather channel was predicting near-freezing temperatures last night, it was clearly time to fire up the heater.  when i was getting ready for bed, i noticed that this had not produced any results.  oh, goody, the pilot light was out (presumably).  so when the alarm clock tried to prod me out of bed this am, it was from the warm snuggly arms of my comfortor and into a meat-lockerish 62 degrees.

my brand new tea jug id bought since the old one was shot after its decade and a half of service?  leaked all over the place every time i tried to pour.  quite smooth while in the computer room.

computer room, i say, because these people have their little ducks in very very neat little rows, and the other newbies for the week and i spent all day doing HR stuff and company-wide type training.  which is reassuring in its structure, and very very snoozy.

we got a LOT of stuff today, 3 binders worth of it.

so much stuff, that with it filling my arms, i failed to remember to pick up the box of the shiny new (surprise!  cool!) company cell phone they’d given me.  so, super smooth fool that i am, that’s still sitting in the training computer room.  i hope.

so much stuff, that setting it on the trunk to fish the keys out of my handbag, i knocked my teacup to its demise on the pavement while gathering everything.  my fave teacup, no less, with the chimps on it.

after handing over $250 to the very nice (amazingly non-condescending) repairman – the rusty ass thermocoupler explained the need for the pilot-lighting service these past 2 years – i felt capable of collapsing on the couch with some netflix & leftovers.  that, at least, went exactly as planned.



  1. Hope today went more smoothly!

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