Posted by: fireweaver | November 2, 2008

MD crab time! or, why my mom rox, part 648

every year, my buddies up in havre de grace have a halloween costume party. it’s always a fun time because it’s a house party, so you can go all-out and not worry about your fantastic new gear getting messed up, PLUS these guys make killer sangria, so what’s not to love?

several weeks ago, i was debating like mad what i was going to do about this year’s costumery.  wanting to go in a couples’ pair, the only thing i could come up with was a maryland crab & a fisherman.  Chris immediately pounced on that plan, proclaiming he’d want to be the crab, only i had to be sure to make him a boy crab.  the idea languished in development hell, in no small part because the fisherman costume idea utterly bored me.  but lo!  last week, after 2 margaritas out with a girlfriend, it occurred to me that Chris had come up with the costume plan…a boy crab and a girl crab!  i raced off to the fabric store, bought some yards of polar fleece, and started getting crazy with the sewing machine.

i called my mom the next evening as i was driving off to the party, and told her all about the awesomeness of night-before-the-party sewing.  “haha, that’s my girl, i raised you right!” she said.  and yes she did.  like i keep saying, the best thing my mom ever gave me was her cool smooth confidence.  mom could just wing anything, all she had to do was figure it out.  prom dresses, bedroom sets from pillows to curtains, and yes, plenty of costumes – all just flew out of her sewing machine with 2 ounces of planning, usually less than 48 hours before the event.

you don’t have to be an expert in some subject to get it done, you just have to believe in your ability to figure it out.  in other words, nothing is really intimidating, you just haven’t fiddled with it yet.  it’s not bravado or arrogance, just a calm and cool “don’t worry, you are capable” flavor of confidence, and that’s huge.  thanks mom.

armed with 6 yards of polar fleece, a smidge of elastic & buttons, a spool of plastic-coated wire, a pair of plain-jane flat headbands, and of course mom’s confidence, i busted out a matching pair of maryland blue crab costumes for less than $30.  we were so cute.  to help anyone else who would like to be a crustacean for their next masquerade, i’ve got step-by-step pics and how-to instructions.  though having claws did give Chris infinite excuses to pinch me.



  1. Wow! I’m impressed. You guys looked great.

    I love it that you paid attention to the sex of the crabs.

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