Posted by: fireweaver | November 4, 2008

alrighty people, get out there & get on it!!

yo vote!!

though there are reports of reporting hellish lines elsewhere in the dc area, and occasional wonky power outages/booth failures/etc in other places, i had an almost anticlimactically zero-glitch trip.  the polling station is a little elementary school at the front of my neighborhood – well within walking distance if the obnoxious rain hadn’t made that an unpleasant proposition.  inside there were more poll workers than voters by a wide margin, so everyone had plenty of help and no lines at all.

i’m all giddy to boot, because not only did my little brother drive the 45 minutes “home” necessary to cast his vote, but he also went against the grain of his conservative TX upbringing and voted for Obama like a sane person.  hope he can convince our other brother to follow suit…

ETA a couple hours later:  cuz if my baby bro can convince our other bro to NOT DRINK THE KOOLAID, this might actually be how stuff goes down in a few hours.  giddy.  seriously:

omg, i WISH!!

because it’s a wee bit blurry, let me explain: that’s TEXAS with OBAMA carrying a 10% majority at this exact moment (54 vs 45 %, at 8.25 eastern time).  OMG.


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