Posted by: fireweaver | November 6, 2008

indianapolananza: day 1

blurry view off the hotel patio

i’ve just spent all day in a half-lit ballroom in a nice hotel in indianapolis, listening to clinical discussions about monkeys and animal rights issues about monkeys and jokes about monkeys and regulatory/legal issues about monkeys.

the APV meeting is always ever so practical. 

and!  there was even a session on crisis planning, and public relations, and it included a bit on the use of modern day tools such as this here blog as a mode of public outreach.  for your perusal for the day: we have youtube user & blogger speaking of research dropping some crazy infiltrator-debunking videos for you.  and your daily public service reminder that HSUS is NOT some kind bunch of people running animal shelters.  nope, they’re a multi-million dollar animal rights organization, that funds lawsuits by a 10 to 1 margin than any animal welfare work.

and now off to dinner & the always swinging hospitality suite.  monkeys work hard, then play hard too.



  1. heheh . . . monkeys . . .

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