Posted by: fireweaver | November 7, 2008

monkeys: day 2

i can’t decide if it’s the worst or the best thing about these meetings, but i’m always (at least temporarily) suffused with ideas for ways to fix stuff at work.  i want to change everything!!  for the better!!  new record systems, new surgical techniques, new enrichment toys and housing novelties, the works.

obviously, in my imaginary brain, cost is no issue and training people (including myself) how to utilize all this new stuff is done just by thinking about it.  so it’s not always practical, but it does remind me to keep trying to think outside the box.  it’s a challenge, given that i’ve just started somewhere completely new: i have to figure out the exact shape of the box i’ve so recently climbed into before i can think my way out of it.  but it’s still tempting to light the world on fire with creative energies, and fortunately, i’m surrounded by friends that also happen to be proffessional colleagues, so we can all bounce these ideas off of each other. 

and the USDA guy is here to keep us in line, too.


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