Posted by: fireweaver | November 10, 2008

day 5: it’s really f’ing cold

the thing about the APV meeting is that it’s like being sequestered in a cave.  you know everyone there, all meals are served as part of the conference, the sessions take place in the ballrooms of the same hotel you’re staying in.  one-stop, all-inclusive experience.

which is to say, since you have no need to leave the venue for food, companionship, or intellectual stimulation, you basically don’t go outside for 3 days.  in the meantime, a cold front has blown through.

our hotel for this round is a few blocks off from the convention center.  if this was in early october, like it always had been in years past, this would actually be a good thing, since i’d appreciate a short brisk walk now and again to combat the sit-all-day-butt-fatigue.  not so much though in the low 30s with a huge windchill.  conveniently, the convention center is attached to a mall via a route of skywalks, and i’ve now come to understand a nugget of the devotion people put on places like REI or eddie bauer.  the latter has provided me with a truly powerful set of high-tech rear-of-the-head sort of earmuffs, and it’s helping a lot.



  1. Eddie Bauer silk long johns are key! I wore them under my tux at a January wedding in OK-16 degrees, thirty mph winds and an unheated church. I suggest you look at them.

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