Posted by: fireweaver | November 11, 2008

day 6: trick or treating

most of the sessions today were of little value to me personally – when you have a huge conference for everyone in the industry is that there are plenty of presentations pitched to the newcomers or to people on the level of tech staff – so today was the day for shopping.  since this is the single biggest conference of its kind in the world, every company that makes something for research, from cages and food to animals to medical records software to enrichment toys to surgical gadgets, has a booth here to demo their latest stuff.  and since there are so many of them all competing for your attention, they each offer various incentives.  everyone has a bowl of one type of candy or another on their table, and exactly like trick or treating, some houses have the good stuff and some have tootsie rolls & smarties.  in addition to the ubiquitous candy & office supplies, some places even have toys.  stuffed cartoony monkeys, piggy banks, plush viruses, squeezy toys, luggage tags, the list is endless, and i’ve got to bring a half handful of each to my techs back home.

thank fsm the swag includes tote bags to haul it home in.

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