Posted by: fireweaver | November 13, 2008

day 8, and i’m all done

after days and days of monkeys, peeps, booze, learning, more learning, and no chance to relax from the work-hard-party-hard thing, i’m officially worn out.  it was finally supposed to sunny today and up to 60, instead of the grey and rainy past week, and yet we were yet again hiking home in the nippy wind.  i met up with a handful of my old externs from the johnny h, 2 of which gave fantastic presentations.  it was a non-stop reunion of my once-a-year friends, and while i miss them all year long right now i just  miss my waterbed and my cooshy boyfriend.  it’s been a fun time; adios indianapolis.



  1. And in all of that time, no mention of your new little icon.. The tear, let me wipe it daintily from my eye :p

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