Posted by: fireweaver | November 14, 2008

james bond – casino royale 2

i really intended to have this up first thing in the am, so you could have your movie reviews with your friday paper.  that of course meant that i had a handful of fires to put out at work and a massive pile of email to sort through, followed by a barrage of errand-running with Chris that lasted almost as long as a work day.  so, down to the wire, here’s your quick review on ‘quantum of solace‘.

in a nutshell, it’s pretty good.  like a whole lot of what i’ve seen this year, i’m not super-amazed, but it does get a solid b.  this new bond continues in the vein of a more realistic super-spy:  he gets his ass kicked in fights now and again, he has to work for his rescues, and it’s more about athleticism than gadgets.  in Chris’ words, “they have gotten away from that whole silly ‘muahahaha, i’m a super villain, and i’ve fed these penguins radioactive fish so they’ll assist in my plot for world domination!’ and gone with straight up money rules the world stuff.”  not to fear, it is after all a 007 movie, so LOTS of things blow up, there’s several high-speed chases, and every woman is flawlessly beautiful¹.  the major problem is that this movie simply can not stand on its own.  the main impetus is revenge for what happened during the finale of ‘casino royale’, so if you don’t have a solid familiarity with that one, you will be lost for a part of this one.  a refresher course with your dvd player is in order before you head out to the theater.


¹aside note:  it’s really hard to figure out where i stand on the current bond movies as a feminist.  the older ones had a much more obvious and heavy-handed sexism thing going on, but these are a good bit more even.  M is consistently interesting, and both of these new ones have involved a tough, smart chick with her own agenda.  still, women do tend to serve merely as minor plot points and decorations.



  1. I saw the movie and it was my first full Bond movie EVER!!! Hard to believe, I know. I actually liked this one and boy does that Daniel Craig wear his britches tight! While ther was no muahahaha-ing, I still found the antagonist to have a less than charming smile and his flunky to have the worst hairpiece I have ever seen and that’s saying a lot. I guess Bond still requires some form of a black hat- – -I kinda like that it is in a subtle way. . .

  2. Kris, dear, me too. part of the fun is indeed the k-razy evil dude on the opposite side, so a more realistic bond does give that up.

    and yes, that was a gawd-awful rug on that dood’s head.

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