Posted by: fireweaver | November 17, 2008

change of focus

i’m just going to warn everyone up front: for the remainder of the month, this space is likely to be dedicated to an exhaustive list of why whippets are awesome.

Xyla (your overwhelming fave for her name, and coincidentally mine as well) is like velcro.  she wants to be within 1.5 feet of me at any time, which is quite endearing.  she’s camped out under the computer desk, standing at my feet, even as we speak here.

she loves sheepies.  specifically, woolly minty green sheepies that make quacky noises rather than squeaks.  and boy howdy does she show the stereotypical sighthound speed and agility.  right up until the point where she gets so excited about catching the thrown sheepie that she pounces on it like a wildcat and then skids the last meter along the hardwood floors.  this is also endearing.

coming up soon, an ode to little tiny rose-ears.  kyoooooot.


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