Posted by: fireweaver | November 18, 2008

in which we learn a couple of things

long, lean bones

and after this clearly exhausting endeavor, we hopped in the car for my 3rd trip in as many days to petsmart/petco.  we headed out into the freezing night for chew bones.  previous to this afternoon, we noted that a)she’s a super chewer, having gotten most of one ear off her sheepie chew toy in less than an evening and b)she cries a bit when crated up so i can leave for work in the am.  i don’t want to give her the fleecy toys (swallowed chunks of stuffing = not cool) while i’m gone, but i do want to give her something, hence our trip for durable, non-chunkable sorts of in-the-crate toys. after this excursion, several things are now clear:

1.  likely to become a seriously spoilt pooch.

2.  that whole sleeping on my right arm while i’m driving thing?  not a fluke, definitely the preferred position.



  1. No sheepy toys? But Red, then you don’t get the joys of dingleberry stuffing and intestinal blockage! Oh ballistic nylon toys are over rated-Mona destroys them just as fast as she does sheepies.

  2. quite frankly, i’d rather avoid the joys of intestinal blockage, thanks v.much. and i’ve seen what our monkeys do to nylon vs. fleece, and i think the nylon holds up a hair better.

    of course, Xyla’s mileage may vary.

  3. she’s so precious, chelle !

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