Posted by: fireweaver | November 21, 2008

one way in which i’m a liar, and the rest where i’m not

last night, i claimed to be striving towards posting my sneak-peek movie review that night, or at the very least around midnight so you could have this with your morning papers’ critique of the same.  well, i was lying, apparently.  after being up way early (to do those rat eye exams at 630am) and staying out way late (Chris’ theater is 45 minutes from my house), i pretty much crashed last night as soon as Xyla was all taken care of.

on most everything else regarding last night’s excursion to see ‘twilight‘, though, i’m consistently telling the truth.

1.  most everything i’ve seen this year is merely ok.  only a few things (‘wanted’) have been heinously bad, but just as few things have been really good (‘iron man’ and ‘kung fu panda’, maybe ‘wall-e’, too).  ditto here.  it’s alright, i don’t want my 2 hours back or anything, but this movie’s not so much changing the world.  well, perhaps a little corner of the world: i was all kinds of amused at how aggressively multi-culti the actors had been cast.  i’m pretty sure that tiny town usa (yes, even up there in the pac NW) has a pretty solid majority-white population; not so in this movie.

2.  the kind of books i really enjoy tend to make very bad movies.  in text, these vampiric special effects are pretty cool and stephanie meyer really does have some novel ideas going on.  but on film, supernatural things far too often loose their mystique and end up just being schlocky.  in words, the main character can describe the breahtless delight of the rush of wind in her face while her vampire lover runs along at superhuman speed, but the visualization looks a lot more like a hokey outtake from a b-grade superhero tv show (‘6 million dollar man’ slo-mo, or ‘the flash’ speedy tracers, take your pick).  likewise, skin shining like diamonds in the sun is fascinating in text but a silly $2 photoshop effort to look at.

3.  book?  meet movie.  the same things are lovely (the leisurely pace, the clear chemistry between the characters), the same things are obnoxious (hokey dialogue, heroine who doesn’t actually do anything.  the dialogue may be yet another example of item no.2, since somehow i rather glossed over it mentally while reading, but when spoken out loud, there were some seriously bad moments of over-angst.  Chris was uproariously chortling to himself in several places – attempts to shush him were more for the benefit of our buddy who was WAY into it watching with us, rather than me smacking him because i disagreed – and yet, part way through, he was really interested in knowing if in the end the main character is turned into a vampire herself. 

so, exactly like the book, you know this is kinda bad, it’s definitely a guilty pleasure, but it’s clearly a pleasure nonetheless.


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