Posted by: fireweaver | November 24, 2008

artistic inspirations

one of the things that’s truly amazed me about Xyla is her uncanny flexibility.  i routinely find her sleeping all the way curled around with her chin resting on her hip, to say nothing of the bizarre contortions she’s capable of when lying on her back.  relaxing on the couch this evening – me with my book, her with her nap, as has quickly become our mutual habit – it ocurred to me that the twisty artists’ hands of the celts clearly drew their inspirations from slender long-legged sighthounds.  obviously this:

arose from this:

celtic knotted legs



  1. Simply adorable!

  2. That’s a very cool pair of images!

  3. thanks guys! i’ve started to want a camera permanently installed in my head to capture these really striking (and yes, artistic, even!) poses she contorts herself into. i was way lucky to be able to lean all the way over to grab my cell phone to snap this one without waking her up!

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