Posted by: fireweaver | November 26, 2008


i really got nuthin’ today, and it’s way late…

so how ’bout this: i’ve heard a handful of tales from people at work (and my girl Allison, who called out of the blue today for a long-needed catch-up) about totally non-traditional thanksgiving plans.  as in, instead of roasting turkeys and caravaning in the car to huge meals only to deal with bizarro family politics once you’re there, say, going off on vacation for the long weekend.  niiiice.

ever since i’ve been out of the homeland, i’ve taken on-call duty for thanksgiving, in no small part because i want to visit my mom at xmas time.  this means i’ve had a more casual thing with friends rather than family, but after that it’s generally all kinds of traditional.

given the early harsh winter weather this year, i shall now commence with fantasizing about REALLY non-traditional thanksgivings…  as in, coconuts on the beach instead of turkeys on the table.  mmmmm.


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