Posted by: fireweaver | November 28, 2008

one of those people

i’m turning into one of those crazy dog people.

at the dinner party yesterday, our hostess’ sister, normally quite allergic to dogs, was raving about Xyla.  being the doting parent, i of course soaked this right up and helped sing her praises.  “she doesn’t stink at all!” she said.  “oh, no,” says i, “that’s supposed to be one of the breed characteristics, that generally a bath isn’t needed and just a damp cloth rub-down will do.”  “she’s so friendly around all these new people!” she said.  “yeah, supposedly they make terrible watchdogs because they’re so outgoing and sweet to everyone.”

“geez, you sound like a breeder,” said our host.  and crazily, he’s right, i’m a total wee sighthound convert.  i called my greyhound people a few days after she’d come to live with me, “this was the best idea you guys ever had!”  she laughed, and told me we’d have to come visit so the little one could run with the big dogs.

and that is what i’m doing tomorrow.  yes, i’ve started setting up playdates for the dog.  i’m officially one of those people.



  1. this made me laugh…I know what this is like!

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