Posted by: fireweaver | November 30, 2008

a day of completions

this morning, i got a call from the local rep for whippet rescue that i’ve been working with.  “your 2 week trial period with the dog ends today,” she said, “do you still want to keep her?”  i just laughed, said that of course i did, and that after things have settled in for a couple of months, Xyla would most likely enjoy a little companion.  “yep,” she agreed, “they are like potato chips, you can’t have just one!”

this evening, after a month of slogging, i managed to make it through ‘the satanic verses‘.  it was this month’s selection for the 1001 books club, and when last i checked up on the discussion, it was slow going for all of us.  it’s been on my personal read-before-you-die list for many years – i mean, a man has had a life-long death threat because of it, it must have some relevance in the world view – this just happened to be the prompt i needed to actually get around to it.  it’s a phenomenally dense book, wandering around through a handful of loosely-woven tales, and  will definitely take a while for it to all sink in.  like i said in that discussion sometime last week, “i’ve nearly put the damn thing down twice, then fallen utterly in love with a sentence here or a paragraph there. it’s hilarious and witty and charming and trashy and (obviously) irreverent – why on earth can i just not get IN to this book!?”  i’ll be skipping out on next month’s book (i.e., tomorrow’s book), since i just flat-out don’t give a crap about it at all, and refreshing my brain with some nice trashy vampire novels.

and finally, last thing tonight, with apparently 40ish minutes to spare, i’m posting my last round for this year’s nablopomo.  i think it came easier this year, with less b.s. “filler” posts, but a big week and a half long meeting full of blog fodder landing in the middle of it helped immensely with that.  for everyone else that made it, congrats!  and for those of you that read it all, thanks!

daily output, people!!


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