Posted by: fireweaver | December 2, 2008

what’s in your alarm clock?

about a year or so ago, i was sitting in my office working along when a completely unknown song came on the radio.  this wasn’t exactly a rare happening, since satellite radio isn’t as relentlessly formatted to the same 20 songs as your local top-40 station.  as per usual for an unknown (well, for most things really, i just got into the habit like reading subtitles on foreign films), my eyes flicked over to the display to see what this was.  someone just as unheard of as his song, calling himself “the incredible moses leroy“.  a quick google didn’t yield much about the guy or his history, though there is that tidbit now.  i heard the song, ‘1983’, maybe twice more on very rare occasion, and it was so heartbreakingly catchy that it was enough to buy the cd.  the fact that i could get a used copy on amazon for about a buck made it a pretty small risk indeed.

the incredible moses leroy – 1983

we lay down in 1983
on chocolate grass
that was so green
we pointed at the sky
we wrote out our names
we gave each face to a cloud
and every cloud to a name

you wrote me in 1985
3 years too late
but always right on time
with a brown sugar caramel
for the apple of his eyes
a hundred tiny little words
no place to reply
bye bye…

it appears to have lifted the keyboard line from inxs’ 1982-released ‘don’t change’, and made something entirely more wistful out of it.  i’m not entirely decided if it’s about a lost lover or a lost childhood friend or just lost time, but in any case, i’m hooked.



  1. That’s a great song. I hadn’t heard it before. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. you’re quite welcome!

    i’m just hoping now that the xm/sirius merger is complete, the stations will still continue to have this occasional unique quirkiness that xm alone did.

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