Posted by: fireweaver | December 7, 2008

holiday domesticity

this weekend was a much-needed lazy one, with no real list of things that had to be acomplished.  Chris & i slept in way late yesterday, then did a little bit of shopping – i’m debating a new living room set to compliment the tv he’s debating.  today he headed out to work early, i slept in just a bit, then got busy with delightfully non-essential projects.

sighthounds in general are very lean creatures and, exept for the russian Borzoi’s wool, tend to have very short hair.  in wintertime, these guys need coats.  specialty products are usually pretty costy things, and wee whippet coats are no exception – plain polar fleece ones run up to $40, with heavy ones going for far more.  my sewing machine and i figure we can beat that, so i set in to the fleece i picked up while out on our shopping trip today.  i’ve been using a land’s end coat mom bought years ago for Sheba when we moved to b’more (it’s still brand new, as the triple-coated sheltie did not feel the need for such things), but it’s better as a mid-weight rain coat than for the upcoming hellacious winter.  i wanted something that would cover up her chest if she had to go plowing through the snowdrifts, and came across several mentions of a T-strap coat.  basically, it’s a regular sort of dog coat that covers the whole topline and sides, but then has a T-shaped strap attached to the bottom center front that you pull through the front legs and velcro/button to the flank or back which thusly covers the dog’s sternum.  after figuring out the trick of drawing the right curve to the T-strap, drafting the pattern was a breeze, and this thing needs a mere 2 pattern pieces total.  the only other trick to it was placing darts in the hips so it curves over her butt.  here’s the prototype:

i’ve also added a small loop/handle at her back, since she has a tendency to stop and check something out when we’re walking, resulting in her getting tangled up in the leash when she starts up again.  passing the leash through this loop will prevent it from dangling down into the way of her feet, even if she’s sniffing.  at this point, it’s just a single layer of polar fleece, so i could work out the cut & shaping before moving on to the real project (heavy corduroy lined in faux shearling), but i’ll likely be lining it with left over fleece from the crab costume project.

and following that, i decided that this holiday season needs more twinkle.  i haven’t put up lights in years – it depresses me to take them down, it’s colder than hell come january when i do have to take them down, and i’m always in the homeland for xmas anyway.  last year, about this time, i noticed while walking around the neighborhood that far fewer people bother with lights than did when i was a kid.  i don’t know if that’s because the mild weather makes it a lot easier to do so in TX, or if people just aren’t into it as much anymore, but i do miss all the twinkly cheer each evening.  and lo!  a handful of strands of old lights from my college days were still functional, which resulted in me braving the 25F weather (windchill down to 11, whee!!!!) to brighten up this segment of our little townhouses:

happy hollidays, ya’ll.


  1. aww so cute! I LOVE the doggie in the pic looking out the door. makes for a too cute festive pic (and would look cute on a holiday card!)

  2. OMG, that doggie coat is cute. It almost makes me wish we had a dog who needed it. Rudy is part Shepherd part Husky, no extra coat needed. lol

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