Posted by: fireweaver | December 9, 2008


once upon a time, a dozen years ago or so, my mom gave me a hefty stoneware bowl filled with houseplants.  it’s glazed a deep, rich blue, and originally contained some pothos and christmas cactus and maybe a few other things.  over the years, the more tender greeneries have been killed and replaced, but the original striped spiderplant and pink amaryllis have remained.  the amaryllis bloomed spectacularly the year mom gave it to me, but then not again for several years – i think they need a bit of a cold snap to get started again, and that just didn’t happen in the homeland.  when i moved up to b’more, though, that thing started sending up thick bloom spikes every winter.  i’ve excitedly photgraphed the display more than once, and it never fails to remind me of the jungle of plants mom always keeps in the kitchen window.  i leave the planter outside on my patio for most of the year, and then bring it in after a good cold snap (not freezing, that would be bad for all concerned), when i give up and haul all my plants inside for the winter.  it’s always a little scary, since all of the outdoor-adapted jungle-lush leaves quickly die off of the amaryllis.  just when i’m sure it’s dead for real, a tiny leaf bud starts to poke back up out of the bulb.

this year, it wasn’t alone:

in addition to the venerable old bulb in the center there, this year she’s produced a pair of daughter bulbs as well.  and if that wasn’t enough to make me all mom-love-nostalgic, look what was in the box on my doorstep from mom:

yep, a pair of lovely new lipstick red amaryllis for the holidays.


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