Posted by: fireweaver | December 13, 2008

cute – yr doin it rite, akshully

we’ve been experimenting of late with the dog’s confinement.

see, at first, she’s new around here, doesn’t know the rules, is prolly stressed as all get-out about moves and new situations, and is just generally all wonky.  you expect some accidents in the house as a matter of course, but it’s kinda nice to not have those accidents on, say, the middle of your bed.  for the first couple of weeks she’s been here, Xyla’s been crated while nobody is home.  given Chris’ and my utterly disparate work schedules, this actually works out ok, since he can come over in the afternoon before he heads off to let her out for a couple of hours.  unfortunately, it’s been patently obvious that she doesn’t want to be boxed in all day long – she likes her crate just fine for sleeping in, or resting when i’m putering around the bedroom, but she does cry some when the grate is closed and i leave the house.  i’m not running a kennel here, with 10 dogs to keep separate all day, and i’m just used to the dog having the run of the place, so we’re slowly working up to that.  the ideal situation is a dog that’s happily comfortable in a crate (in case she needs to be locked away during travel, or when someone who’s dog-phobic comes to visit, for example), but is happy and well-adjusted in the house, too.  the short-term experiments usually take the form of leaving her loose in the house for an hour or less while i run out to the grocery store, but lately we’re working on several hours at a time with moderately more freedom – the whole bedroom instead of just the crate.  this has resulted in almost no crying, but there are some behavior modifications that need to take place.

modifications of dad’s behavior, not hers.  behold, the fantastic brand new chew toy that Chris left for her yesterday afternoon:

thanks, dad!  (i.e., close the @%$!ing bathroom door).

when it takes other forms, though, her re-arranging the environment to suit her own wants is ever so much more endearing:

it is patently obvious that though she’s expressed a whole lot of disdain for my bed-making skills and gone on to sort things into her own personal wee nest, it’s impossible to think this is anything but adorable.


let’s just say, experiment is at 75% success.



  1. Yup…she’s a whippet alright. Burrowing is just sooo much fun… though I’m surprised that she has her head peeping out from the covers. The whippies I’ve known prefer to hide -out of sight and then be quite irked whence sat upon. 😛

  2. First off, I LOVE that comforter!! And, your pooch is too cute. I’d have a hard time getting mad that she rearranged my pillows. 🙂

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