Posted by: fireweaver | December 20, 2008


today was a day of kindnesses both big and small.

the funeral was this morning, and the flower arrangements and attendance by so many of my grandmother’s former students were wonderful.  my mom was even more uncomfortable around my dad’s family than he was at her mother’s funeral last year (divorce being such a painful scandal and all), but everyone was beyond civil and welcoming (to quote mom: “your aunt Barbara actually hugged me and said she was glad i could come.  that made the whole trip worth it.”).

southern TX is dotted with uncountable roadside fruit stands selling the bounty of the area and neighboring mexico.  at the first of 3 we stopped at, the elderly proprietor scooped up a grapefruit off the pile as soon as mom said that’s what we were looking for, quartered it with his pocketknife, and handed us each a generous chunk.  it was indeed the best grapefruit i’d had in years (i don’t think they sell rio reds where i’m at), and mom scooped up the 10Lb bag in addition to her baby tangerine tree.  as we were headed out to the car, he picked up another fruit, and pressed it into my hands saying, “here, you’ll want to try a tangelo, too, bye now!”  it’s stashed in my flight bag now, for breakfast tomorrow, and i’m probably way overthinking it, but i’m all heart-warmed by gift citrus.  southern hospitality isn’t dead, and i like that, perhaps.



  1. Kindness can make such a huge difference. I’m glad that you and your mother found some on an otherwise difficult trip.

    Was the tangelo as good as I’m imaging it to be?

    • yes, actually, it was. sweet & delicious, without a trace of orangey citrus tartness. wish we’d bought a bag of those, too, though there’s no way on earth i’ll be able to eat the big bag of grapefruit AND the enormous box of mangos before i leave as it is.

  2. HI ‘Chelle. Very Sorry to hear about your grandmother. When Suz said you were up the valley I was all excited until I heard the circumstances. Then I was just bummed.

    On the fruit thing, I’ll get the website for you for one of the larger local fruit coops. They ship grapefruit oranges and such by the case, with each fruit individually wrapped in tissue paper much like the “Harry and David” pears of my youth. A bit pricey, but always worth it when I missed Rio Reds and Rio Stars.

  3. Sorry to hear about your grandma. I’m glad you’ve got lots of good memories. I hope you get to enjoy your extended visit anyway. Miss you lots! Let me know when you’re home so we can go (or stay) dancing again. 🙂 *lots of hugs*

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