Posted by: fireweaver | January 4, 2009

crazy like it’s 1983

most all of our friends have wiis now.

Chris & i have played wii at these friends’ houses.  in general, it’s pretty fun. when you have a cocktail in hand and your friends are trying to leap over imaginary cliffs & whatnot, it’s a riot.  and don’t get me started on the omg wheeeee!!!!!! factor of the mario kart game where you grab the wheel and drive around real fast just like the expensive (3 or 4 quarters!  crazy!) car games at the arcade.  so, of course, since it’s what he really really wanted, i told my gaming-junkie boyfriend i’d get him a wii for xmas.

no big deal, right?  shopping unfortunately had to be put on hold for my unexpected extended trip to the homeland, but i figged i could work on this whenever i got back in town.  i mean, everybody already has ’em, they’re crazy popular, so all the stores must have them, too, right?

oh, but no.

walmart, target, best buy, circuit city – all the usual suspects sold out, both in person and online.  some sites informed me that they expected stock to be available in april.  oh, crap.  see, i also told Chris’ friends that he was getting a wii for xmas, which means that they all got him new games for his illusory new game console.  so i get to feel like the dad that promised his kid a pony and then finds himself on xmas eve trolling every stable in a 50-mile radius looking for whatever he can grab.  sheesh.

which found me this morning at 945am in a line already comprised of 12 other insane early birds outside of the local toys r us, morosely reading the taped up bit of paper on the front door:

wii consoles in stock!

only 9 units available today!

the guy who walked in about 2 minutes after me started visibly counting our front-runners, looked to me, and said, “well, we’re screwed.”  the guy that came in after him was far more terse with his disappointment, settling on just a sad little “woah.”  the line kept growing.  in reply to someone’s pithy comment about how insane we all must be, especially given that it’s weeks after xmas, i asked if anyone else was reminded of other toy crises.  “does this seem like a 1980-something run on cabbage patch dolls, where we’ll all get in fights in the parking lot with whoever gets the last one?”  there were a few steely-eyed glints of determination, and the terse guy hoped it would all be more civilized than that.  and lo, it was:  a pair of employees came out to pacify the throng, announcing the same sad single digit number of consoles (“yep, we’re screwed.”)… and 21 units of the wii fit game (“huh?!?  people are waiting in this line for other things too??!”).

feeling like i’d successfully retrieved a mighty mammoth to feed my caveman, i brought home both.  ug!  ug!



  1. So, did you need to resort to using your club?

    • amazingly, no, clubs weren’t utilized. after all that buildup, it was quite civilized. we were handed some slips to prove place in line, and the line as a whole trooped docilely as lambs to the checkout to recieve our prizes.

      of course, i think it only went down like that because more people were waiting for the wii fit than the wii console, and there were far more of the former, so ultimately everyone in line got exactly what they wanted. there were some tuff lookin’ hoods there, though, thankfully they were at the front of the line.

  2. My brother-in-law got a wii. We all rocked out w/ Rockband for hours! I also discovered that I can kick ass @ virtual boxing! Now I’ve gotta get one of my own. Ya see, I’m all grown up now and unlike 1983 my mama can’t say “no”. Of course, my hubby thinks I’m crazy. 😉

  3. I totally want to see your Wii fit and decide if I need that for myself. I still need the Mario Kart game (sadly)…

    And just for freakin’ giggles – Wii and Wii stuff all over brownsville, cuz, you know, there’s no one with enough $$$ to buy them or some such… heelarious.

  4. we love our Wii !! G won ours about a year ago at a conference in Atlanta. If y’all get up and running with Mario Kart you’ll have to join in our racing nights. We usually have four to six friends who all get online together to race each other. All in good fun. It’s also very fun after two glasses of wine. It has more effect on your driving skill than you would think !

    My latest Christmas game is Lego Indiana Jones. We already finished Lego Star Wars, which I highly recommend. I still haven’t been able to find a wii fit, but I’m not sure I’d get much use out of it. My parents have one and while it was fun, I’m not sure I’d use it that much.

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