Posted by: fireweaver | January 9, 2009

love. it’s hard to explain sometimes.

there are times in your pet-interacting life where you just have to wonder: do we love ’em because they’re so OMG KYOOOOOOOT?

or is it because they’re so OMFG K-RAZY!!

if i’m in the bathroom for more than a half a second, i’m greeted by this little face:

and nightly as i emerge from the shower, there she is, ready to pounce.  can you see the eager look in her eyes there, as though she is about to drink down the nectar of heaven?  i personally prefer champagne for this level of excitement, but she’s insanely fond of bathwater.  yep, used bathwater, even.  and preferably drunk as dew from one’s skin.

clearly, love is crazy.



  1. Oh, she’s sooo cute. Those huge eyes!

    My puppy used to lick my legs after I got out of the shower. I’d totally forgotten about that. Funny.

  2. how do you say no to those seal pup eyes?! She’s so cute! Mine does the same thing when I’m in the bathroom. He just makes sure I’m still in there. He’s always on the bath mat when I get out of the shower, too. Although, the water licking isn’t his favorite, it’s after I’ve attempted to lotion my legs post shave.

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