Posted by: fireweaver | January 13, 2009

photohunt: looking back

i love the idea of blog memes; something to play with, something to interpret in common with whoever else plays along.  Chris bought me a very nice camera for xmas, so the weekly is a natural game to play with my new toy.

my heater has been acting up lately, making some awful racket like a plane is flying right over the roof.  conveniently, at my new gig, we have a brace of actual competent and friendly maintenance guys, one of which happens to be all sorts of expert in HVAC issues.  by the time he left, my heater was no longer making the warbling jet-engine rattle it had been, though he advised me that tightening up the motor would only work for so long.  somehow, sitting at my kitchen table while he complimented the utter wonderfulness of miss Xyla, we moved on to home renovations and things that are important.  “i can’t cook on electric at all,” i said, “so this house with its new cabinets and nice gas stove was a total win.”  “yeah,’ he replied, “i like the shiny decorative pot thing you have going on with that ceiling-hung rack up here.”


pots & pans

nope, these have seen a decade of hard use.  once upon a time, mom found me a set of cheap-o 18/8 chinese stainless from some store going out of buisness.  she picked up the lot for a song, and i’ve been cooking in it ever since.  it coincided with approximatley the time i ended up with a gas range, and the end result is my utter inability to cook on either electric or teflon.  and so, the aftermath of mom’s chance find is my own love of cooking, and my own firm preferences on how to do it.


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