Posted by: fireweaver | January 21, 2009

landing back on earth

so, clearly, i’ve fallen off the face of the earth for a while. this is due to 2 things:

1. as some of my friends are all too aware, once i get on some kind of little “kick”, i’m well and truly stuck.  i fixate on whatever has struck my fancy to the exclusion of most other things.  it’s the same single-mindedness that has me devouring huge novels in the span of a couple of days, or that resulted in a triple handful of rinconada figurines on my shelves.  current kick?  after months of waffling, i have a new phone.  whee!  “kick” in this case translates to me downloading all new ringtones for my peeps, changing the font, messing with the little touch screen widgets, hacking the browser, reading how-to forums ’til all hours…

2.  my charming buddies from austin were in town this weekend!  we got to experience the Obamania first hand by noting all the paraphenalia to be had in the dc area.  street vendors were selling Obama calendars & buttons at the exits to all the metro stations.  windows were decorated in red-white-n-blue banners/papers/confetti/umbrellas (?) congratulating the change.  the spy museum had a shirt with our new prez looking all suave, hands on hips, with the logo, “Obama.  Barack Obama” across the top and “009” across the bottom (maybe they forgot that one had already been done?).  very rock-star, very giddy, very exciting.

after fun times at the spy museum (itty bitty cameras and lipstick guns are totes for real, yo), it was snacktime and then home.  which brings us to this week’s photohunt theme: hats.  one of my fave hats is that of ‘tour guide’ and, given what a foodie i am, ‘culinary tour guide’ is perhaps best of all.  while M&M were in town, we cooked in one night, had indian another, dim sum one brunchtime – in short, as many of our low-key fave places as we could fit in.  this included snack time after the spy museum, conveniently located a block or two from chinatown, at chinatown express.  Chris was trapped at work that day, asked later where we had gone, and was unimpressed with the name.  “you know,” i said, the one with the old man in the window making the noodles fresh from scratch.”  “OH.” Chris said, lightbulb going off as he gave me a high-five.  they are indeed the best noodles evar, with your choice of beef, chicken, seafood, or veggie; any either fried or as hot soup.  Matt & I went with the fried version, Michelle got the seafood soup.  the portions are quite generous, and none of us was able to completely finish them off.  it was then that we noticed tentacles rising from Michelle’s soup:

“it has an eye looking at me, i can’t eat that,” she said.  as part of my tour guide-ism, i tried to convince her husband to.  after all, we were planning on sushi for dinner, and that always involves a plate full of roasted baby octopus (Chris’ fave appetizer), which would most certainly likewise involve whole cephalopods, heads and all.  Matt adjusted his foodie-tourist hat (or maybe just sat securely under his own hat) and got to it:

eat them up, yum!


  1. I love the tentacles emerging from the soup photo!

    And a spy museum? I want to go there some day.

    • spy museum is really really fun up front – tons of gadgets and cool stuff. then after the first round of exhibits, it’s all just reading about the history of espionage.

      and thanks, i’m in love with that pic, too. took me about 10 shots to get it just right, though…

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