Posted by: fireweaver | January 24, 2009

warm fuzzies, or, rays of hope

after having dinner with some friends in b’more last night, i decided to take Chris a bit of sushi for a mid-work snack.  i said hi to everybody, visited for just a minute or two (they’ve been way busy for the last week or two), and headed back out the employee door at the same time as one of the ushers.  our cars parked side-by-side, he turned towards me right as we were both about to get in and asked, “you’re Chris’ girlfriend right?  the one that works with HIV/AIDS and stuff?”  i affirmed that i had indeed done a lot of AIDS vaccine work in the past, but that my current gig was drug safety assessment.  “wow, that’s just all really awesome, and you do such important stuff, and i just totally respect that.”  being more used to the peta-mentality torturer accusations, or at least the necessity of gently explaining humane animal care in science, i was completely blown away.  not wanting this guy to be under any misconceptions that i was a nobel-carrying superworman singlehandedly saving the world, i said that i was a veterinarian for research animals, to which he replied, “yeah, i know, that’s just all so fantastic and really important.”  we chatted for a bit about his grad-student future dreams, and i rolled on home with a warm fuzzy feeling.  apparently, yes, the public does sometimes think that medical research is of benefit.


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