Posted by: fireweaver | January 27, 2009

pip, pip, cheerio, etc

i don’t like talk radio.  as i’ve explained more than once, if i wanted to hear someone chatting in my car, i could do that myself.  morning zoo type radio shows are certainly no exception – your comedy has to be obnoxiously broad to translate to a non-visual media, and you’re still just talking at me.  for some reason, though, everything is better with a british accent.  after the xm/sirius merger was complete, a lot of my fave channels changed their names (hopefully, they only subtly changed programming).  one that underwent the most dramatic change was upop to bbc radio 1:  instead of a euro/jap pop channel broadcast out of dc, we get a time-shifted feed of the bbc (i.e., when they say it’s 8am, it is 8am on the east coast).  the breakfast show on upop had too much bla-bla, and i’d usually change channel unless they had a song on i liked.  but the one in it’s place now?  super.  is it really all that?  probably not, but listening to a gaggle of cut-ups in brit accents keeps me amused for my (admittedly brief) commute in to work, and occasionally in the office too.  apparently, they’re planning on “popping off on holliday” to climb kilimanjaro for charity later.  after mocking each other’s silly mountain-climbing gear, ensuing hilarity, and a prank call to one of the hosts’ boyfriend, somebody shouted “oh, let’s do the news!” as though it were a lark.  the “news intro music” played, and one of the guys was instantly appropriately somber and serious as he read off stories of knife violence and journalism controversies. 

now all i have to do is manage not to actually speak to my co-workers in my own faux brit accent when i get into the office.



  1. Welcome to the world of Sirius! I’ve been enjoying some of the new XM stuff. I seriously couldn’t drive 45 min. each way to work w/o satellite radio. I have total radio ADHD and this is my Ritalin. 🙂

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