Posted by: fireweaver | January 28, 2009

mean weather

all day yesterday, it snowed in fat wet slushy piles; by the time night fell, the weather had turned to misty rain.  then, of course, it was time for the eternal debate of ‘shovel it now or shovel it later’.  hoping to avoid the major hassle when it was time for work this am, ‘now’ won out.  unfortunately, that meant that instead of a layer of ice-crusted snow that i could crunch through with sure footing, i got just the layer of ice coating my walkway.  it took a good long time with the shovel this morning, plus the help of several pots of hot water, to carve a single thin path out to the car.  and oh, the car.  overall, crusted with about an inch of ice, the sort where one has to scratch out the track along the door gasket to open up the vehicle.  i got the glass all cleared off, then started in on the flat surfaces: hood, roof, trunk.  which is to say, here’s your psa, all you peeps in the frosty climates.  we all know that you should get the snow/ice off the hood so that it doesn’t blow back up onto the windshield and blind you while you’re driving along.  but for the love of fsm, don’t be that @#%hole.  you know, the one who doesn’t clean the roof of the car.  as soon as the car warms up a bit and you get up to speed, oh, about the time you hit the freeway on your am comute, that ice is gonna go flying off in a huge deadly sheet, like a big white folding card table flipping end-over-end into the face of whatever poor sap is behind you.  suv drivers, you know you’re the worst, because you don’t want to climb up there and get that stuff off.  it’s not a big deal when it’s just powdery snow up there, that just blows off like a stream of sand as you fly down the highway.  what was going on yesterday, though, made it perfect @#%hole weather this morning.  be nice, people.



  1. Oh, is that what happened to me? Whilst driving down 40 here, happy as a clam that I didn’t seem to have impending death to worry about (last week, anyway), I get whapped upside the windshield with a giant sheet of ice/snow. I don’t know where it came from, just that I panicked for 0.0001s before figuring out that it wouldn’t kill me if I didn’t, you know, steer into a ditch.

  2. hmmm…what is this “ice” substance you speak of?

    our nekkid puppies had to wear their sweaters this week…first time below freezing this winter! No worries, tho, it’ll be almost 80 tomorrow. 😉 Yes, seriously.

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