Posted by: fireweaver | February 6, 2009

omg tiiiiiiny horses!!!!

just in case anyone has missed the awesomeness in science world today, i’ll make sure to catch you up.  Chris, an inveterate newswhore, tipped me off to 2 amazing tales of animal wonder this evening as we were off running errands (as per usual in such things, we were in the car, so thank jeebus for web-enabled phones).  the first one, about some giant snake, turned out to be a huge disappointment, since it was prehistoric giant snake, and not something hellishly huge discovered living in the jungle omg right now.  the second, though, sized in the opposite direction, is the discovery of a quintet of pygmy seahorse species.  seahorses are my total fave aquatic beasties, and we all know how i squeeee!!!! over itty-bittys, so this just made my day, well, 5 times over.

best tiny pony pic evar!

you couldn't make stuff up this awesome

pics copyright national geographic, and the awesome divers that found them!


  1. Love, love, love ’em!!! Seahorses have become my “thing” in the past few years, so I am always on the lookout for seahorse stuff. These pics made my day!

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